Most garages have very poor light and usually have a single bulb or fluorescent tube hanging from the ceiling and is not usually enough especially if you are looking for something small or detailed.  We can help you with additional fittings and have a variety of options available.

We can also help you with installing them too through our network of independent vetted, and qualified electricians who will be glad to visit and help you with a designed supplied and installed package

Usually some sort of directional light will work well or can opt for additional broad general light from additional fluorescent or batten lights.  All of these are available with LED versions and will give much better and clearer light.

If you already have some of these lights then consider changing to new LED versions as and when the old ones fail.  If you already know how to replace your existing bulbs then why not replace them with more Energy efficient LED versions.

So let us know the size of the area and your preferred choice and we will work out a nice design and work out the correct number of lights that you need

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